Action vs Motivation vs Results

Sometimes, we are stuck in this never ending cycle of no-action, no-motivation and no-results.

And inaction as a result of seeing no results of our past inaction because of lack of motivation.

This quiet a vicious cycle could be broken up easily.

Here’s how: ACTION

If you want to do something: do. If you want to go somewhere: go. If you want to be someone else: just be.

There is no other special alternative, grandiose plans or brainstorming necessary to do this. Just do it.

Life can be deceptively simple many a times. (But not easy)

Run run run

Writing about something for the sake of writing is actually readable writing? I wonder.

Okay, let me try it out and see what happens.

What are we running towards? A little more money, a little more security, a little more love, a little more respect, a little more fun, a little more something.

What are we trying to pursue in life?

Happiness? Wealth? Fame? Endless joy? Bliss?

Whatever our goal might be, realize that inadvertently we’ll be failing in other goals. Or other “Standards” that generally we base our lives on.

Instant distraction: media

Instant reward: mobile games

Instant joy: ice cream

Instant high: cigarette

Instant escape: alcohol

Instant rush: candy

Instant sexual stimulation: porn

Instant wealth: ?

Instant health: ?

Instant skill: ?

Instant relationship: ?

Instant respect: ?

Instant self-respect: ???

Whatever gives you temporary relief from a long standing issue is easily available, easy to take up and ultimately bad for you. This is addictive too.

Whereas those that takes years of dedicated work, often not immediately rewarding, are all good for you. Not just you, but everyone else around you as well. (Who doesn’t like a wealthy, healthy, well-read friend?)

Realize this, set your goals properly, choose your targets accordingly and then run.

Run towards them.

Without the hustle and bustle, keep running. It is like a marathon, so pace yourself. Take occasional breaks, but make sure you always keep one eye on the target (which again might change, because priorities change).

A WHY to live

Feeling listless all the time?

Tired and without energy?

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.
Read that loud.
It is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote.
I recently read the book “Man’s search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. And it was kind of a big deal. Kinda life changing.
Finding a meaning for our lives is the single most important thing to do. We all are suffering or going to suffer at a later point of time, but to make it bearable and (even) enjoyable would require either
  • deep analysis of life’s philosophies or
  • accepting things as such

The accepting stuff is the domain of the really enlightened folks. We just can’t do it, so don’t bother trying it. (I’ve tried it and failed, many times over)

The deep analysis would finally make you return to the question “WHY”?

(Here’s the shortcut:) Why should you exist? What is the meaning of existence? Why should you keep on living?

If you get a proper answer to this question, everything would slowly become clear. Just keep asking the same question about 5 times a day to yourself, at various places, at various timings and at various situations.

You’ll find that you’ll struggle to define it first. Then things will slowly start to make sense.

(Actually, Viktor Frankl was forced in Auswitz concentration camp to find these answers, but we have our sweet time to do it – now that there is no blood-hungry Nazi staring at us)

And at one point, you’ll have that “Aaha” moment. Which just might change your perspective.

A bit of Online following or Cyberstalking

I confess that I’ve been doing a bit of cyber-stalking myself over the past few days.

Call it stemming from a slight dissatisfaction in life, a subtle insecurity, a minor misalignment in expectations or a kinda bored search, I admit to doing it.

Lots of channels available these days, aren’t they? To do both: Show that you are better, sexier and happier than the others… As well as to make sure your peers/associates/exes are not as much.

Facebook: Ah, the mother of them all.

It would not just take the privacy settings of yours to prevent someone from getting hold of one of your photos, but also your friends, family and anyone you’ve been photographed with (vacation, work, study group, party, tour).

And not everyone of them are having “STRICT” settings, are they?

So, how to prevent others from finding your latest whatever? How to get people to be still mysterious about you?

There is no way, to be honest. Everything is online. Everyone has access (proper or legal is a different matter altogether) to most of your information. A determined person might just knock at your doorstep.

Babies Love!

I saw this meme the other day and thought that the meme maker had quite a creative way of looking at things.

Then I started pondering on this.

Being a parent myself now, I consider that, though this meme might not be a serious one, it does give out an indirect message on life.

“Everyone Loves Them”

Yes, who doesn’t love a baby? Ladies go “Awwww…”, girls go “Hey….”, most people want to carry it. Even the most brutal of us smile at a baby.

But is this because of its cuteness? Its soft skin, nice smell, general vulnerability?

Nothing right?

The answer: It is just because a baby LOVES everybody.

And yes, it is the purest form of love.

A baby loves everyone around it, without any bias. It has no preconceived notion, no skin-color based preference, no race or language bias.

So, if you accept this theory, the slightly modified variation of it also holds true to a great extent:

Even as an adult, if we love everyone around us people would start loving us for what we are.

(There are many complaints these days on wanting to be accepted for what one is)

Just like how a baby loves them purely, perhaps acceptance is what people around us need too?